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Criminal Indictment & Court Orders

Sean Grady - Criminal Indictment

State of Maine government website with official documentation regarding pending criminal charges against Sean C. Grady, current owner of Noble Partners and associated properties. Counts include Theft by Deception, Securities Fraud, and Unlicensed Sale of Securities.

State of NH Bureau of Securities Dept, Default Order

Order from State of New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulation ordering Sean C. Grady to cease & desist operations, pay restitution in the amount of $213,471.36, administrative and investigation fees of $25,000, and is permanently barred from any securities licensure and registration in the state of NH.

NH Securities Bureau Issues Cease And Desist Order Against Sean C. Grady

Order from the State of New Hampshire Securities Regulation issuing a Cease and Desist Order against Sean C. Grady and his firm, Grady & Associates, LLC. The Bureau alleges that Grady promised the investor safety and high interest on her money, but in reality her money was spent on various Grady real estate deals in the State of Maine as well as on a cannabis business, Noble Wellness, believed to be a manufacturer of cannabis transdermal patches.

In The News

Financial adviser accused of spending investor’s $200K

Maine Man Accused of Spending Investor's $200,000

Financial adviser accused of spending investor’s $200K

Maine financial adviser denies spending $200K on real estate, cannabis business

Maine company led by man facing fraud indictments delivers masks as promised

Maine company taking orders for masks and COVID-19 tests as its founder faces fraud charges

"Noble’s founder and CEO, Sean C. Grady, is a veteran of the Maine cannabis industry who is facing a five-count criminal grand jury indictment in Cumberland County Superior Court on charges of securities fraud, theft by deception, and selling securities without a license. The indictment alleges Grady defrauded two investment clients, in one case by falsely representing that the funds would be invested in Noble Partners, and that the individual would be made chief technology officer of the company."